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The Field of Infinite Possibilities

The metaphysical community talks a lot about something called the field of infinite possibilities. According to experts like Deepak Chopra, this is simply an energy connection between the high vibe stuffs we seek (like love, joy, and happiness) and the wishes we send out from our wee little brains.

I first read about this field of energy when reading Pam Grout’s excellently fun book-E Squared. In it she asks her readers to complete a series of experiments to prove our thoughts can potentially manifest in many ways beyond what we can see with the naked eye.

One of these experiments entails sending out a mental message to someone and waiting for a response. Being a recovering skeptic, I thought I’ll show YOU Pam, what if I send YOU, best-selling NYT author a message? Will we connect through this magical field of infinite possibilities? So I sent an email. Despite warnings on the page that Pam was no longer able to answer messages directly herself. Then I sent out a ‘mental email’ to Pam and asked her to respond within 48 hours. Just as the experiment calls for. Guess what? Within 8 hours I had a response. From Pam herself. She wished me well and called for me to put my intent for life out into the ether. WHAAAAT?!!! Awesome.

What is it you are wishing for today? Are you willing to suspend disbelief and connect your greatest wishes to this magical field? I understand the skepticism. Hey, I’ve obviously lived it. But what if there actually was a greater good just waiting to connect you to your dreams. A big ‘ole phone operator in the sky asking how they could direct your call to greatness? And even more relevant-what do you risk by trying? An amazingly-awesome email from your most-admired author? The life of your dreams? Anything is possible. And I invite you today to give it a shot-just for a day. Believe big. And see the magic you can find….

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