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The Falsetto of Truth. ACIM Lesson #357

Truth answers every call we make to God, Responding first with miracles, and then Returning unto us to be itself.

Reece Witherspoon is Sassy. She’s smart. She’s Southern. She’s ALLL the cool S’s. In short (see what I did there), I love her.

In an interview with Oprah several years ago, Witherspoon called out people pretending to be something they are not. She astutely talked about a movement among young women to pretend to be less than intelligent, which concerned her as she had young children. She did not want them to model this behavior.

What struck me about this interview is that Witherspoon doesn’t blame or shame these women. She simply called them up to who they are meant to be. I KNOW these women aren’t dumb. Forgiving the perception to find the truth.

I can learn a bit from Miss Reece. About looking for the truth of who people are. About settling for no less.

Lesson 357 says the miracle we offer to our fellow earth-walkers is the truth of perception. To see the Divine in them that may have gotten lost in the busy, false impressions, or simply in trying to be what they thought the world expected them to be.

Behold his sinlessness and be you healed. Healed of any falsetto-like voices that misrepresent our truth. Making way for the freedom of purpose that is always ours to live. And what we give we receive.

Namaste LightWalker.

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