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The Collaborative Game of Life. ACIM Lesson #305

There is a peace that Christ bestows on us.

My partner & I love board games. It’s a blast. My favorite are cooperative games. Where you work together toward the objective.

The nice part about these cooperative games is that it isn’t a me against him situation. It is the two of us. Strategizing as a team.

Lesson 305 tells us there are similar to ways to work together for a world of peace. While external influences may tell us that having the biggest car. The greatest salary. Or the most extravagant house is the name of the game. ACIM asks us to see things differently. To drop the comparisons. And to choose peace instead. In this there is no counterpart. No we verses them. Just cooperation. Peace. Wholeness. Without counterpart.

Be still in the quiet of cooperating with your fellow hoo-mans in love today Dear LightWorkers. Enjoy the quiet. Go within. To the one-ness that passes all understanding in love is waiting beyond the game.

Namaste LightWorker.

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