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The Cat in Your Matrix

“When you have learned to synchronize your life with the Universe itself, you are celebrating the cosmic dance”-Deepak Chopra

I am a big fan of sci-fi. The Matrix is one of my favorites. I am convinced the writers were divinely inspired.

For the uninitiated, the Matrix is a movie about (without giving away the juicy stuff) layered realities-real and illusions.

In one scene a cat strolls across the screen after which, our hero, Neo, exclaims “Whoa…de ja vu”. His friends didn’t see the cat.

But they know what it means.

Turns out this means there is a ‘glitch in the matrix’, which is a harbinger of a certain outcome.

Similarly, what we call deja vu in our lives indicates something important is going on. What Chopra calls synchronicities.

Synchronicities very much parallel deja vu in our lives. These are what we often call coincidences. You are thinking of your sister and she calls. You see a green car and your mother comes home with one.

But synchronicities are more than coincidences, they are also the Universe’s way of pointing out the significant stuffs we might otherwise miss.

When we ask the Universe a question, it provides answers. But Estelle-I don’t always get answers to my questions! You might be saying.

But what if we did. And what if we missed it sometimes. Like the cat in the Matrix-strolling across the screen of our consciousness.

When you learn to dance with the cosmos, you begin noticing things. At first small things seem to message you. Text a friend.

This is the Universe tapping like morse code into our awareness. (Think Mcfly Think!)

Once you begin recognizing the proverbial kitty (aka DeJa’Vu) crossing your screen you begin to really dance. You’ll see a path leading you to where your answers lie, and, even better, where your destiny is leading you.

Short lesson for the day: Don’t skim over the coincidences that gift your life. It is the Universe calling you to dance into your perfect life experience.

Ask the questions. Receive the answers. And live like you never have before. In a field of infinite possibilities.

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