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The Butterfly & The Bee

When walking through my garden yesterday I noticed a gorgeous array of butterflies that took flight as I walked past. Pausing for a moment, I watched in wonder as they settled back into their flowery home. Right next to the butterflies was a bee. Humming away. Doing its business. Pollinating the flowers the butterflies lived in.

The butterfly and the bee are very different creatures. They have totally different goals. Absolutely different life purposes and ambitions. Yet the butterfly and the bee work side-by-side in harmony. Often not even realizing they are working synergistically with one-another. In nature different creatures, like the butterfly and the bee, overcome their differences to get to the greater goal of a beautiful environment they can live in together.

Who are the butterfly and the bee in your lives today friends? Do you know people whose goals in life you simply don’t understand? People whose purpose just doesn’t seem to fit with your life plan? What do these individuals work at every day? Are they repairing the roads you drive on? Cooking your meals? Or even pushing your boundaries to help solidify where your point of view really begins and ends.

When watching the bee and the butterfly, I noticed there was no animosity between the two. They lived in the same space, the same time, working at their different tasks. Ultimately they achieve the greater goal of a harmonious environment, without even knowing they are doing it together.

No matter how far apart we seem to be in our life’s goals, there is an ultimate purpose we are striving for together. Our enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. And it takes every single one of us to achieve it together. When we can model the butterfly and the bee, finding love and tolerance in our togetherness, rather than emphasizing our differences, we recognize we are one in the light. No matter how differently it shines for every one of us.

Practice acceptance for our differences dear ones. Choose love every time, even when it’s difficult. Even we don’t agree we can look for the in one-another. Keep shining light chasers. Hold space as the beacon of light and love for one-another.

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