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The Butterfly Effect on Living-ACIM Lesson #135

If I defend myself, I am attacked.

Have you ever let a day go unplanned?

Un-PLANNED?!?! Am I hearing you right Estelle? Yup unplanned. Living by the seat of your pants.

In this world of lists. Planning events months out. It seems impossible.

So I tried a mini-version of this yesterday. Letting go. For beginners. For a few hours I just let it fly. Whatever came at me, I stopped and I noticed. Whatever present moments the Universe decided I needed to see.

Now there were definitely moments where my thoughts got the best of me. Times where my illusions were my reality, and my to-do lists raced anxiously across my consciousness. Begging for attention.

But what I remember most are the butterflies. The yellow butterflies coasting merrily alongside me as I rode my bike. The friendly neighbor who smiled at me from her driveway. The cardinal that followed me around my house-front and back. Sassing me with its message. I even bought a lottery ticket when I got the nudge…and won a $100!

Lesson 135 re-emphasizes the beautiful point that our thoughts create our reality. And when I face my days trying to pre-script what I THINK is important, I emphasize a paradigm that worldly things are what I need to protect myself from. Rather than a gift.

Filled with the butterflies and smiling friends’ life is attempting to throw at me.

What is time corruptible is not our master dearest friends. And while a to-do list is not, in itself a bad thing, when I opt for control. When I choose the impermanent, I usually overlook some pretty amaze-balls stuff.

The basic question of Lesson 135 is this-Do we want to let our past dictate our future? Do we choose to defend what is impermanent? Or do we choose to look for the butterflies?

When we can stop using the blanket of our past to protect an unknown future, we open ourselves to a world where we are provided for and can provide for others. One which has no need for defense or attack. A Co-created community of sharing that becomes a holy instant of joy. Meaningful beyond measure. We need no defense against the beauty of reality. We need only to lift the veil. To relax. Release. Let go of all of our plans. And receive.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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