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The Bridge Everywhere-ACIM Lesson #200

There is no peace except the peace of God.

I’ve mentioned my love of sci-fi right? One of my favorite shows in college was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For the uninitiated, Buffy is a teen endowed with the ever-so-heavy task of being the chosen one to save humanity. No pressure right? No problem for this fashionista warrior.

In one episode (Normal Again) Buffy wakes in an asylum. In the asylum they tell her she has been delusional for six years. Falsely believing she is some kind of chosen one, in and out of consciousness. In the end (spoiler alert) Buffy has to choose between becoming ‘sane’ by staying in the illusion of the asylum. Or returning to bear the burden of being a slayer.

Lesson 200 tells us we similarly face tough choices on our road to enlightenment. We can believe in a world of disappointments and despair. Of pain and doubt. Of finite hopes and dreams that return to dust. Or we can choose again. The road that is sometimes tougher. To believe that there is more. To remember our Source’s peace.

The cool part is that unlike Buffy we don’t even have to fight to return to this place. We simply need to ask. For happiness. For eternal life. For peace without end.

Lesson 200 invites us to come home. Beyond the illusions life presents. The world is not, indeed where you belong. You are a stranger here, which is why our pain is so absolute. We need only to recognize the illusion. Sometimes so real it seems it holds a true, worthy purpose.

Our peace is our holy union with Source. It is the bridge that leads us out of any fallen dreams or vain hopes to the gates of eternity beyond. In this we find our salvation. In this we live our true purpose. In this we become the chosen ones we were always created to be. Centered in one-ness. Anchored in the reality of love and true awareness with our Source.

The sleeper must awaken LightWorker. Shine on in one Peace that is the All-That-Is Dear Friends.


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