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The Big Reveal...ACIM Lesson 20

I am determined to see.

Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted methinks. To let the worry and the busy of life dictate what I think & say & do every day.

I LOVE a good to-done list.

Lesson 20 reminds me, however, that we can give in to the busy or we can choose to see things in a higher way.

We can take off those busy-colored glasses for a second or two throughout the day, and ask to see the world beyond the


Beyond the expected.

Today’s lesson invites us, twice an hour, to courageously ask to see the truth. To aim for a higher purpose in our day. Each time irritation or unrest comes upon us-to ask to see the truth in all things.

And to watch as the miraculous unfolds.

Namaste Dear Ones.

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