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The Art of Re-Gifting....Yourself. ACIM Lesson #316

All gifts I give my brothers are my own.

Have you ever given something. Time. Energy. Financial support. And gotten more back than you could ever give? Thinking back on my moments, some of the greatest have been when I have remembered to give selflessly. Of my time. Of my talents. Of even…well, just me.

Lesson 316 reminds me that what we give we receive in so many ways. That (thankfully) I am more than my tiny perspective on any given day. And when I see this big beautiful world and all who grace us in it-I find more passion, purpose and gifts, than I could ever receive on my own.

My yoga guru, Tracey Noseworthy is fond of saying: What we give we receive. What we receive we give.

Live generously. Receive the gift in the giving. And thank yourself for the gift that is you.

Blessings LightWorkers.


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