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Tending Our Soil

Have you ever noticed how a plant pushes through the soil to reach the sun? When you think about the sheer weight of the soil on its tender limbs, the pressure and G-forces it’s amazing that little sprout can reach the air. What happens is the plant seeks the tiny openings in the soil, not obvious to the naked eye. It winds and weaves its way through the tiny air pockets in the dirt to find a way to nourish itself. Sometimes seeds can even sit dormant for years, just waiting for the best opportunity to reach for the light.

We could learn a thing or two from these powerful seedlings. They don’t get discouraged by the darkness, like we humans sometimes do. They are patient, as they understand that the light always comes.

What are you feeling discouraged about today? Is there a darkness living in your heart filled with fear, frustration, or sadness? The lesson the seed is that, if we can be patient, we can find the light. In ourselves and in those around us. We can choose to loose ourselves in the darkness or believe in the light that will sustain us.

If you are feeling any shade of these things today, take heart dear ones. Your season of growth and enlightenment is coming. There is light just out of sight in your dark moments. Hope is waiting for you on the other side. And with just a little more growth you will brilliantly break through into a moment better than you could have ever imagined. Shine on light chasers. Shine on.

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