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Sufferin' Suckotash! ACIM Lesson #248

Whatever suffers is not a part of me.

Buddhists traditions say a lot about suffering. In fact, the original Buddha’s quest was set upon for the sole purpose of discovering an end to suffering. And what he discovered? You’ve heard it the adage-pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Both this and that attachment is what causes us to suffer on the daily, was the wisdom Buddha retrieved.

How this works? We re-create our lives from history. From what we believe is true. This gives us a sense of security. Of knowing what will come next. And even when it causes suffering, we cling to it because it is familiar. And the familiar feels safer than the alternative-the great unknown.

It’s true. In fact there are studies that show people suffered more from an unknown idea of an electric shock, than the actual shock itself.

Hmmm….what is that old saying about worrying twice about something that hasn’t happened once? Lesson 248 reminds us that much of what we consider suffering in our life is actually just the illusion of suffering. Worrying twice about what hasn’t happened once. Negative events. The fear of change ahead. This is often more traumatic than the actual shock itself.

We become attached to the familiar because it is known, but there is brilliance in the unfamiliar. Surprises from the Universe.

Our ideas about what life can be are so much smaller than the truth about yourself. You are magnificent. You are Divine. You are Infinite possibilities wrapped up in a cute little human package. You were made for greatness.

And all that suffering over lies and self deprication? Lesson 248 says that’s bogus deceit covering up a love affair with Source more ancient than time itself. You are more than any false illusions of suffering. It is not a part of you. You are Love incarnate. Wear it like the Love Warrior you really are my fellow LightWorkers.

Namaste !

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