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Sucking. Literally.

Today I had a fun morning. I was washing & vacuuming out my car on the way to work.

I was feeling pretty good. Happily vacuuming & cleaning out the car (or as happy as I get cleaning anyway). Pretty pleased with myself for my good vibes.

Suddenly, in one magnificently powerful sucking vortex….the vacuum highjacked my keys. They were there. Then gone. In less than a second.

I paused, frozen in time. What to do.

Old Kristy would have lost her sh#t. Old Kristy would have cried & pouted and screamed inwardly that the world was not fair & that these things could only happen to me.

And, I’m not gonna lie, there was still a part of me that went through all of those things. But, just for today, there was also another part. One that said it was going to be just fine.

I have an extra set of keys. I have a husband who happens to be working from home to bring them to me. And, here’s the biggest revelation I can share with you, I decided something super important in that moment-To love myself anyway.

That’s the thing about the inner screaming voice-it wants you to believe that mistakes can make you unlovable. That these little troubles can somehow revoke your eternal right to be, just as you are.

Uh-uh. Not today Satan!(aka inner Debbie downer)

So I tried to laugh it off. Yes, I was still frustrated. But I was ok with my frustration today. In the grand scheme of things, a set of keys is really only a set of keys.

But our self-worth, yes my friends, YES, this is our greatest treasure. That which can NOT be destroyed by a super-sucking cleaning machine. My ego. Or anything else.

Our power is our own. Our agency is our legacy. And we are loved and loveable, even when things don’t go as planned.

My take? Here’s to loving ourselves just a liiitle bit more today. Not sucking. And being awesome you, which more than deserves to be here. YOU are Divine.

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1 comentário

12 de ago. de 2021

You are amazing! And just for the record, I inhaled with a start! OMG I wonder how close I have been to that happening! OMG I never entertained the thought that this was a possibility. Thankfully you brought me out of it with rational truth! But seriously…it’s time to just Sell the car #joke

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