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Stop to Smell the Magic...ACIM Lesson #231

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Father, I will but to remember You.

Lately I’ve been asked to teach some classes-outside of my 9-5.

You would think I’d be thrilled. Excited. Grateful.

And I am.

But there is also fear. The anticipation of the details. The logistics. It can all seem so overwhelming as I am running around thinking about outlines and lesson plans and swag to give. As I go-go gadget in my mind I often get lost in the doing in my day….and promptly forgets about the being that is my center.

Lesson 231 comes in strong to remind me that every time I seek for things on the external. Glory. Perfection. Or a well-organized sock drawer. I’m just seeking something other than the Love of Source. And while sock-soldiers are lovely lined up in my drawer, they are nothing compared to the Love of Source. In fact, Source is the only beauty that I really want to find.

Lesson 231 reminds us when we stop. When we can pause. We see who we really are. We remember that we are Heaven. Not perfection (yet perfect). Not the things we do (yet there is action). Or the words we say (yet we communicate). But Heaven. Source at our core.

And this is what we will find beyond the busy. Beyond the self-doubt. Beyond the tasks that are just a masquerade dancing around our true purpose. We are here for Love. In joy. In the unique gifts we have been tasked to give to the world.

Remember who you are today-beyond the world’s constructs of what this might look like. And accept the Heaven within. Just aching to express through your greatness.

Namaste Dear Ones.

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