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Step Away from the Jello

My partner & I got into a fight yesterday.

Obviously, we only get into fights about truly enlightened matters. Like Jello.

My partner likes the home-aid jello. I’m fond of the pre-packaged convenience.

Life altering things we are doing here.

But maybe that’s part of the challenge. There are lots of things I don’t take so seriously. And there are lessons in everything.

Every small ripple in the collective conscious represents an area of growth, just waiting to be realized. These growth spurts can be gentle nudges-a drop in the pool. Or a tidal wave that knocks us forward.

The master realizes that not everything is his/hers to teach. Some lessons are meant to come in their own time. And no matter how often one explains what they think is happening-it just might be happening completely different for someone else.

The friction comes when we attempt to change this for the other person-to force them to learn their lesson from our experience. Sometimes it is enough to just hold the space. To give someone enough time to learn their lessons. To allow them to feel what they need to. To experience the emotions that will point to wherever they choose to heal and to grow.

Just like you would never try to tell a plant which way to grow-you trust that they will find where the sun is-we can not always show one-another where the light is. Finding truths on our own allows us to create a stronger foundation. A deeper root system. That will sustain in the harshest weather. Or jello incidents. As the case may be. ; )

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