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Spirit in My Heart-ACIM Lesson #97

I am spirit.

Boom! Drop the mic. This is a big one ACIM.

Let me explain.

I love a good sci-fi story. I once watched this trippy Marvel TV show-I am Legion.

In the show the main character, David, becomes trapped in his own mind while the villain, Amahl Farouk, feeds off his energy. Pretty grim, but hang with me.

When David meets Farouk in his mind, time doesn’t seem to matter. They often banter or battle for control of David’s consciousness. Even David’s friends can’t always tell if it is David who emerges the victor from these battles. Or Farouk.

I’ll admit I sometimes let my consciousness be taken over by my personal Farouk (aka Fear). Each time I generalize or make up a story about myself or others, I see a split personality. One that is scared & combative. Another that is peaceful & certain. Not unlike the characters in I am Legion. I choose to forget the voice of Spirit just waiting to be acknowledged. And I let the illusion of fear take over what is truth. Strength. And vision.

So today I will witness the battle royale that plays in my mind. When thoughts of misery and pain enter my mind, I will remember to give my dark thoughts to Spirit to radiantly transform. I will witness this transformation is truly just revealing of who I have always been. And I will revel in the light of the Spirit within me-the All-that is.

And thanks to ACIM, here’s a catchy little ditty in case we need a reminder:

I am free of limitations, healed and whole. I am Divine.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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