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Speak on it. The Power of Presence. ACIM Lesson #296.

The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

I recently had a speaking engagement. As is tradition, I prepared. And prepared. And prepared again.

I may have mentioned I am a chronic over-preparer.

The presentation went well. And I had a fabulous time. But it made me think…what would have happened if it hadn’t?

Then (wait for the cat story to commence), I looked at our most recent cat-family-member, CJ.

CJ is very confident. He is rarely phased. He is always looking for the next fun thing to play with. But he doesn’t get caught up in expectations. He lives for the moment. He lived in a bush for most of his current life after-all. Which makes CJ excellent at adaptation. CJ lends me perspective no matter what is going on in the world. What I perceive as good. Or not so appealing. Our animal companions are always centered like that. In the eternal now.

My point? The world needs your voice dear LightWorkers in this very moment. Just like Lesson 296 portends.

So that all the world may hear the words of your Soul, Source’s light. The Holy Spirit’s LOVE through you.

You have a story to tell. One uniquely yours. And one timelessly unified. All at the same time. Perhaps it is time to leave getting caught up in semantics and resolve to allow Source to speak through you. For our words and our thoughts are really just beautiful reflections of the Light of the All-That-Is in form. This is our escape to what is true beyond what is fear.

And we teach what we would learn. To let go in the perspective that our Soul’s words are what is needed in the eternal now. Which makes our purpose seamless and true. The path to one-ness complete through you.

Namaste LightWorker with the perspective born of truth.

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