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Soul Soup-ACIM Lesson #128

The world I see has nothing that I want.

Have you ever made a soup from scratch? Let me tell you it is NOT for the faint of heart.

You get the ingredients together. You make this trinity-thing (carrots, celery & onion) called a mirepoix (french-fancy for base).

The end product is delicious. But I must say it is some WORK.

Lesson 128 reminds me that my daily life is like making homemade soup.

The ingredients of enlightenment are present everywhere (i.e. love, kindness, generosity). I can choose to add them into my soup. Or I can pick out the rotten veggies (i.e. hate, anger, blame) to add instead.

I can even choose dried herbs instead of the fresh ones I have available (i.e. remnants of past wrongs).

But it doesn’t taste the same. The flavor of the moment is definitely lacking and faded.

Lesson 128 tells me to avoid getting too caught up in these little ingredients. It tells me the whole soup is tastier than the sum of its parts. And while it cautions me to be selective about the ingredients I choose to live, it also asks me to keep the delicious final product in mind when my life makes me hungry for enlightenment.

The world has nothing we want when seeking our Source-soup. We can choose to go hungry-to get caught up in the lack and uncertainty. Or we can remember the end goal that feeds our Soul. To recognize the true purpose of life beyond what we have been conditioned to believe is our salvation.

And all of our little setbacks or setups along the way? These are just the appetizer to the main course (see what I did there? Course). The minor things of this body substituted for our Holy purpose-Freedom and joy.

Be still and rest today. Shift your perspective to higher ground. Throw away the ingredients and enjoy the finished product without delay. Value what is valuable. Life beyond the worldly veil of delusions is delicious and so much more satisfying.

Shine on LightChasers!

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