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Signs, Signs Everywhere there's Signs-ACIM Lesson #199

I am not a body. I am free.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with the unknown. With the idea that the habitual keeps us in patterns and systems which are often mindlessly recreated. And that the unknown breaks these patterns.

While this is a pretty chunky concept, the basic idea is simple. Any time we, as Deepak Chopra states, break the habitual patterns of the known, we break the chains of karma. We choose again. We allow our Source to dictate the times and spaces we enter. And we permit the full spectrum of the magical, the mysterious, to unfold.

Take my journey to the gym. I suddenly got a ‘ping’ to go buy a lottery ticket. Not having the time or patience to stop and buy a ticket, I attempted to override the impulse. But the nudge continued. Buy a red $20 ticket (oddly specific). So I, grudgingly, went.

I’d love to tell you I won a million dollars. But when I got to the gas station, there were no red $20 lottery tickets.

But there was a group of women selling signs. From Saving Grace. An organization that helps women who have aged out of foster care. They retrieve young women from all over the state. The ones who have aged out of foster care. And they teach them life skills to try to help them forge a place in the world.

I’m not advocating for a specific organization. Or even for purchasing $20 lottery tickets. But if I had listened to my mind I would have never showed up. And I would have left uninspired. So I bought a sign. To support these women. In their quest to make a difference. One person at a time.

Lesson 199 asks us to listen to the Spirit within, whatever is asked of us. It tells us these directives are Universal strings sent out by our fellow soul walkers, asking us to answer the call. Finding exactly who they need to bring miracles into fruition.

And it works both ways. The things you send out into the Universe come back to you in similar ways. In the blessing of a miracle from a friend. Colleague. Or even a stranger.

Today I invite you to listen to these calls my friends. From your Essential Self. From your Intuition. From your Soul.

You are not a body you are free. Let the loving gift of the freedom of your Soul replace any fear of lack or uncertainty. Hear the Voice that The Universe has given you. And enjoy the miracles that happen when you mind surrenders to the conscious intelligent field made manifest through and as you.

Namaste Dear LightWorkers. Shine on!

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