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Shine On! ACIM Lesson #295

The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

A few weeks ago I held a presentation at a metaphysical bookstore. The store is lovely. It has been around for as long as I have lived in the city (here’s a hint, over 20 years!).

When I arrived, the kind owner met me to see if there was anything I needed. She told me the story of how she had created this place to do the work. Not to make money. Not to be famous. But to provide a community where people who wanted to engage with like-minded folks would have a place to connect. This store doesn’t have a singular focus. Doesn’t judge. Just allows everyone to explore their beliefs and to find what resonates with them.

As I looked at her admiringly, she said something I’ll never forget.

We can sit here twinkling at one-another all day, but I have a few things to take care of. Twinking at one-another. Yes. Yes, we were.

What this lovely Soul reminded me, and what Lesson 295 affirms, is that we are always shining. In our worst or best moments.

Even when we think we are just having a lovely conversation with a new friend. You glow.

Today Lesson 295 asks us to Shine On! LightWorkers. To allow the Light that is our Divine Appointment to look through us to redeem the world.

The gift of your true essence offers a balm to the wounds of this world. A peace beyond all understanding to those in need. There is only one Light. One power. One presence. And this is how you know that the many faces of fear are simply false-evidence-appearing-real. By their legion.

You bless all you see simply by the way you be, Dear LightWorker. A shining light of the one Source. I, for one, am so, SO grateful for the unique shine you bring to this world in truth.

Namaste Sweet Soul. Shine On!

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