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Shine Bright Like a Diamond-ACIM Lesson #225

God is my Father and His Son loves Him.

A few days ago I had a time. I mean, I KNOW I’ve said I’ve had a an issues before but friends I mean I had a TIME.

I was on a vacation with some beloveds. Canoeing and having a great time in nature.

As we were getting ready to leave, I remembered I had taken my ring off in order to ensure I didn’t misplace it on the river. So I looked around….on the counter….no dice. On the sink…nope. I began slowly but deliberately going through all of the pockets in my bag…still no ring. A little more frantic now I dumped out all of my pockets….small storage pouches….even my makeup bag. Nope, no ring.

What to do….be calm I told myself. It’s just the Universe testing you….How will you respond?

So I screamed into a pillow. And dumped the entire contents of my bag on the floor.

Nada. No ring.

After this tiny breakdown, I systematically checked under the bed, pulled a fridge out and went through my things…But the ring wasn’t there. My partner, calmly said he thought it might be time to go home. To let it go. That it was just a ring.

And, for once, I agreed.

I decided I could sit in judgement of what I have been systematized to believe is important-material things-or I could choose again. Recognizing (however reluctantly) I was learning a valuable lesson about what I prioritize in life. I decided, a bit hesitantly, to choose the latter.

And, miracle of all miracles, my partner decided to choose with me.

Although we still talked a bit about where the ring could be, we decided in that our moments were actually infinitely more valuable than any ring or object. That missing even one car ride home together by engaging in anger, wondering what-is, or self-disgust was just too big of a price (ironically) to pay.

And when we got home? The ring was waiting for me on the counter.

I had never brought it in the first place.

But the Universe wanted to remind me of something important. Of something more valuable than any ring could ever be. That we are not alone in this world. As my partner showed me. That we have all of the support we need to live our moments to their fullest. Even when we think something terrible is happening. When we feel we are losing something valuable. We have each other. Our lights within.

Lesson 225 encourages us to remember that we are not alone. That we are one with Source. And with each other. And when we can reach out our hand for a little hand-up…Or when we can take a hand that reaches out to us….Well, that’s the Good Stuff that Life’s meant to be. One tiny step toward one-another at a time.

And the value? Well the love of Source is infinitely greater than any ring. Shining brighter than a diamond into our world. In the remembrance of the love we share with Source-and with one-another.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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