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Seeing in Truth. ACIM Lesson #298.

I love You, Father and I love Your Son.

I have a bit of a habit of forgetting things. Scarves. Blankets. My phone.

I often leave a trail of stuffs behind me longer than Hansel & Gretel tromping over to the Witches house.

The people around me kindly attempt to pick up after me. And that makes me feel guilty. Defeated even. That I would place such a burden on someone else to care for me.

But today I had a revelation-I have become energetically tied to this view of myself. The one where I leave an item, and then berate myself for doing so. It leaves a different kind of trail. Like Haley’s comet Right back to me. And this causes the whole situation to play again on repeat. A broken record of my past. Because I’m not loving myself for who I am. Rather than who I think I should be. And I definitely don’t recommend shoulding on yourself ; )

Lesson 298 reminds me that when we remember to love ourselves, we are creating new energetic pathways. A trail of light that extends far beyond our own self-concept or doubts. When we can choose again. When we decide, consciously, to stop magnetizing backward towards the known familiar patterns of labeling-we become free. Loving ourselves exactly as we are in this moment. And, consequently, loving others.

In loving someone outside of expectations for who we think they should be, we accept them without the fear of who we have created them to be in our minds. A fictional representation of who they truly are. Divine Love replaces any artificial mandates for the energetic imprint of who we label them to be. And whom they will continue to show up as, as a result.

So today I take a Lesson from 298 and escape from all thoughts that would see me as doomed to any certain way of being in life. I rest in the certainty that we are loveable in the sanctuary of the Love of Source. And I see myself and everyone I encounter as the holy being they were born to live as a result.

Namaste LightWorker.

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