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Saviors in Human-Clothing. ACIM Lesson #266.

My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.

Yesterday was a day. Traffic was busy. The cats were having some animated ‘discussions’ with one-another. We were packing to go on a trip. I was late for work.

It was basically chaos of the highest order.

But then I saw a friend on my way in. He waved the biggest wave ever and yelled ‘Hi there young lady!’. (And I am not, BTW, a young lady). So cheerful.

I kept walking and met another friend who was so excited by an upcoming presentation of mine. Telling me he couldn’t wait to get there to support me.

Finally I met one of my teams of students who asked excitedly when I’d be working with them next.

It was enough to make a girl blush…..about her behavior.

You see, while these sweet friends were all about what was good about my life. I was running a race with the monkeys in my brain. (Here’s a hint: I was NOT winning).

Lesson 266 invites me to consider that all of my fellow earth-walkers are really just saviors in human clothing. Walking around, waiting to gently remove the monkeys from the unsettled racetrack of my thoughts. These amazing humans are our counselors in the sight of the truth.

How lucky are we LightWalkers? When the holy Voice of Source speaks through so many Saviors to us every day. In them the light is reflected. And in them does God/Source look back upon us. How can we forget who we are when these sweet souls are here to remind us?

The gist? Phone a friend peeps. Like right meow, if you need it. God/Source lives in all of these blessed Angels, just waiting to help us find our way. And through their eyes we see the light that is always ours to live.

Namaste LightWalker!

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