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Save the Grumpy People! Save the World. ACIM Lesson 238

On my decision all salvation rests.

This morning I was reading Marianne Williamson’s daily morning meditation from Transform. In it, she said something so profound it made me stop in my tracks. She mentioned that what we give we receive. What we put out there comes back.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard this before. Treat your neighbor as yourself was in a key part of my religious life growing up.

It was the way she said it.

Williamson mentioned that when I put my grumpy-face out there into the world…well, that is just a 150% guarantee that grumpy will be given right back to me. AKA if we attract what we vibe with grumpy=grumpy. Angry finds angry.

And if we get what we look for. What we filter through our perceptions and experiences (to the tune of millions of pieces of information in seconds condensed down to 40 or 50). And we CHOOSE what we perceive…well, again my grumpy but will just look for other grumpybuts because that is the focus of my experience.

Lesson 238 reminds me that this kind of law of attraction, while seemingly like a curse, is actually a gift. An act of trust from our Source of existence. We may notice, honor and observe the grumpy. But we also reserve the right to choose again. And when we do-we choose to save our brothers and sisters from their own vibrations, when they aren’t where they want them to be.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever TRIED to be grumpy around a happy person? Like my friend Fun B. Fun B is impossible to be upset around. She radiates light and love. She is funny, always upbeat, and everyone wants to be near her. Maybe you have a friend like Fun B too? Maybe you are her.

My point? YOU are the salvation the world has been waiting for Dear LightWorker. And while we might not always feel cheerful. We can always decide to look for the Fun B’s to lift us up when we are down. Or, even awesomer, to be the Fun B when we have this gift to give. Be the B. Radiate your life unabashedly. Save the grumpy people (like me!). Save the World.

Shine on LightWorker!

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