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Ryan Reynolds & My not-so-6-pack abs-ACIM Lesson 161

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Give me your blessing, holy son of God.

Last night we watched The Adam Project. Ryan Reynolds perfection!

The storyline is a man who time travels from the future to locate elements of his past. Reynolds character is angry. He’s sarcastic. He’s full of regret and defensiveness. I won’t give away the deets, but at one point his younger self looks deeply at him and points out:

I think it’s easier to be angry than it is to be sad. And I guess, when I get older, I forget there’s a difference.

Hmmm….deep words from a 12-year old. From the mouths of babes right? Well, well Ryan Reynolds, it seems we (or at least his character) & I have something in common. And it’s not his 6-pack abs. I, too, can misremember there is a difference.

Anger seems easier. It makes me feel powerful. It gives me something specific to attack and turn any helplessness I feel into something different. But this anger is really just fear.

Fear, as Lesson 161 states that is insatiable, consuming everything its eyes behold, seeing itself in everything, compelled to destroy. And it is built on a premise of separateness.

Me vs Them.

Making distinctions that aren’t really there. Because I think I am protecting myself.

At the root of it, I’m really sad. Discouraged. Because I believe that I am separate. Because I have forgotten that the THEM I think I am angry about, is just another part of myself projected.

Here’s the skinny: When we can see just a little bit of ourselves in the other. When we can remember they might be sad too, like Reynolds young self. We can begin to find the compassion that is innately ours to give.

All of our fellow soul-walkers are more than a body. Or anger. Or circumstances they might present.

Lesson 161 invites us to ask to see the Love in all we meet today. Even when we don’t understand. To look for the soul in them to be revealed. So that we might be set free from our own imaginings. To see the ancient melodies present in the blessing of another’s truth.

Start with one person. See them clearly. In their Divinity. Really look for the soul within. Then receive the blessing that is waiting to be expressed. Returned in this very moment.

Namaste LightChaser!

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