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Running With Scissors....ACIM Lesson #341

I can attack but my own sinlessness, And it is only that which keeps me safe.

This is an ACIM brain teaser. You know, the ones we are all so fond of.

My sinlessness keeps me safe whaaaaat?

Basically, I break it down like this-If my mind is of God/Universe (and it is). Then when I give in to self-doubt, anger, or shame, I am simply attacking a perfection that was created by a Universe. One that sees way more of the overall picture than I will ever see.

If I believe in love. In the one-ness that is all. I agree to allow the all that is. The Universe. The big cheese of life to keep me safe in my wholeness. In my spirit. And I return to love.

It is just that simple.

And when I try to complicate things. When I try to take control and dictate that I am not good enough, smart enough, or loveable enough? Well that is just needless fencing with my mind. Running with the scissors of life. When I can just as easily enjoy a nice leisurely stroll.

Surrender. Allow. Remember that the essence of who you are is peace.

Namaste Dear Ones.

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