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Rose is my Favorite Color

It is not surprising that I have avidly read numerology. For those unfamiliar, this is where you look at the numbers associated with your birthday, age, etc. and correlate it to meaning in your life.

When I looked up my month and day of birth there was a message, clearly printed at the top:

'Don’t remove his/her rose colored glasses!’

I bristled. I guffawed. I himmed. And I hawed. Rose colored glasses! I thought. I am a practical person. I am a doer (see my previous work on busy being my badge of honor ; ) ).

It was very upsetting. To say the least. My ego truly prefers to see itself accomplishing things.

As the years have passed I have a different perspective on my tinted glasses.

I dig them.

While they may not be the world’s favorite shade, I enjoy my rose colored glasses. They fit me well. The passing seasons have brought me some clarity on their beauty-in more ways than one.

As we experience Winter in the northern hemisphere we recognize that we are born again. Every day.

In every way we are presented with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. To leave the past behind in favor of seeing the truth of our divinity. The rosiest of roses.

There is beauty in our rose petals falling away. Beauty in the lessons we have learned. Easy and hard. With each of these experiences.

And there is beauty in choosing again. In finding our way to the truth of rebirth in our knowing. In choosing to see the rosy in our universe. Re-growing the rosie petals of our new experiences day after day.

So to hell with a world of gray. I think I’d rather be happy than cynical.

I wear my rose colored glasses proudly these days. Seeing the wonder of the world as it could be. As it is beyond my illusionary perspectives when they grow dark.

I see you too. That rosie glow looks GOOD on you friends! You are luminous.

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