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Rocking Your Proverbial Speedo. ACIM Lesson #334.

Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.

Brene̒ Brown loves to discuss the story we tell ourselves. In Daring Greatly (, Brown tells the story of swimming with her husband.

The two were swimming across a lake one morning. Brown felt glorious. She was flowing with her stroke. Cutting across the water.

When she exited the water, feeling exhilarated, she moved to kiss her partner as her joy was overflowing… when he walked away.

WTF?! (paraphrasing) Brown thought. He must be thinking: she sure as hell doesn’t rock a Speedo like she did twenty-five years ago.

Long story short. He was actually focused on breathing. His stamina was low from the long swim.

Buuuut the story she told herself was very different.

Isn’t that always the way?

Our illusions create our reality. And the false perception of our partner’s opinion of us in said swimwear may be very different from our partner’s actual internal dialogue of survival. It is our perceptions that create the difference.

But there is a way out. A different choice. Lesson 334 states that the forgiveness of God is a treasure beyond measure. A gift of peace beyond my puny perceptions understanding. And a certain way to let go of the untruth that we are anything less than Divine perfection. Here’s to rocking that Speedo like you were born to it friends!

Reframe the story. Reframe our lives.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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