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Rings and Things-ACIM Lesson #133

I will not value what is valueless.

A dear friend of mine went to a jewelry store with her husband. He had a gift certificate to redeem and picked out a lovely item. In the tradition of random dollars left on a gift card, there was about $4 left to spend.

They asked the proprietor if there was anything close to that amount available. As luck would have it, he had some $4 rings in a dish. She picked one out and took it home. Turns out it was one of the best rings she had ever bought. It never tarnished, never faded. She still has the ring to this day. That was over 20 years ago. Inadvertently, my friend had found something valuable.

Lesson 133 reminds me that I can see value in some pretty f’d up things. Temporary stuffs that don’t last. Like material possessions. Or ill-will. And when I choose to put my attention on things that fade, I find no satisfaction in my world. A bland black and white version of the vivid colors of life that can always be. In living this paradigm over and over again, every day on repeat. I miss out on the life we are all meant to be in living color.

Lesson 133 encourages us to ask for more. It reminds us that looking at valueless things is not asking too much of our lives. But too little. What is anchored in time can never hold the value our limitless souls were born to experience.

My friend recently went to have her ring engraved. This jeweler couldn’t believe she had purchased that ring for $4. Evidently, it was worth much, much more.

Our decisions are easy. Our yoke is light. When we choose what is truly valuable in this world-love, joy, and eternity. Well, we find the unexpected value in our lives we could never imagine was there all along. Just like my friend’s ring. It is the endless circle of love that belongs to us in truth.

Namaste LightWorker. Shine on!

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