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Reunited after all These Years-ACIM Lesson #162

I am as God/Source created me.

Ayoooo! One of ACIM’s all-time greatest hits. They are repeated throughout the text.

And repeated for a reason.

Because I forget. Because we evolve.

Lesson 162 says these words are the answer to every doubt or illusion we could ever create. We are as Source created us.

Even every time I spill the salsa. Or trip over kitty toys.

Lesson 162 says that no matter how many times we think we do something wrong-we are still as Source created us.

Powerful in this might.

And mighty it is to be one with Source. It can save the world. Because you give to others this vision of completeness every time to you remember who you are. Each time you practice love in action through the truth of who you are.

Lesson 162 promises us perfect joy when we remember. Beyond the dream our illusions create to hide our true selves. As God/Source created us. Mighty. Powerful. One.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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