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Retract! Retract! Living Soft Paws, ACIM Lesson #235

God in his mercy wills that I be saved.

This morning brought a tiny toe incident with bush kitty extraordinaire, CJ. As I was grabbing my coffee, I felt a little prick on my toes.

CJ kitty thought my toes were toys. I informed him otherwise.

In a way, wise CJ foreshadowed Lesson 235.

Lesson 235 says we are not, appearances & toe clawing aside, at the mercy of our environment. That things we think are seeking to hurt us are really just hurt people hurting people (or cats). And when we can trust that there is more to lashing out than meets the eye, we allow ourselves to meet our maker in the form of a beloved who is fighting desperately to defend themselves.

From What? We might ask. From nothing more than another version of the light within. Their brothers and sisters. Themselves.

When we can remember that Source’s will is only love. Not fighting. Or defending. We find the happiness which is ours to live. Both for ourselves and for one-another.

We are safe. We are held in mercy. Love created us. There is no mountain that cannot be climbed in this peace. No conflict which cannot be dissolved. No proverbial claws lashing out that cannot be retracted.

Live in this knowing my dear friends. And invite your remembrance when your sweet beloveds lash outside from any pain within.

Blessings & Light Beautiful LightWalkers!

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