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Remembering the Miracles-ACIM Review V: Lesson #175

*A Note: I gave serious thought to changing my blog for today, given recent events. Instead, I chose to share a miracle. Which I think we could maybe use a reminder of today. Enjoy*

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./I give the miracles I have received. I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

(Anyone else hearing a little ‘We will ROCK you’ kindov vibe for this Review? Ok just me.)

Yesterday I witnessed a miracle. A miracle I say!

Well, you be the judge.

The backstory is that my cats have been a little…er…shall we say disgruntled since moving in together.

My oldest had the house to himself for 14 years. An only cat-child. So you can imagine his surprise and delight upon getting a brother…not so much. There’s been hissing. There’s been chasing. And the growling…well, not exactly the harmonious environment I strive for. You will find this spiritual blogger, most days, chasing after her cat-children with a water bottle.

Terrified they would scratch one-another. Begging them to cease and desist!

While watching an expansive episode of the Bridgertons the other night, my husband & I looked up to find the two cats, laying leisurely on the floor together. Mere inches away. Stretching and indulging in a treat of catnip mouse.

Whaaaaat?!?! It was glorious. I told my partner the Bridgertons were miracle-workers. They bring families together.

Lesson 175 tells me it is actually not the Bridgertons doing the heavy lifting. Miracles are, in fact, our birthright.

They are our home.

And any worries or fears we might entertain-they are, in fact, the stranger here in our lives when we welcome them.

The good news of Lesson 175 is that we need only to recognize the powerful Divine presence of Love within our lives to re-member these miracles are always there. Waiting for us. By sharing them they multiply faster than my children beelining to said catnip.

Look for the miracles today Dear friends. One yellow butterfly at a time, what you give you will receive. What you receive you give. Change the world by these gifts. Create a magical Universe full of miracles that are your personal, miraculous birthright.

Namaste LightWorker!

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