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Release the Cone of Shame. ACIM Lesson #280

What limits can I lay upon God’s Son.

Some of you may remember the kitty I adopted from the bush next door. CJ.

CJ is a riot. He loves to play. To make messes. And his playful nature led him to acquire a HUGE chest wound several months ago which required a ‘cone of shame’ to be placed upon his sweet little noggin’. (see pic)

We kept him safe, sheltered. Faithfully lodged in his cone….and he ended up running into everything. Keeping us up all night with his desperate cries. And, despite trying to adapt. CJ was completely miserable.

Eventually, we found a T-shirt alternative (see pic.) which allowed him to keep away from his wound, while offering him much more mobility and freedom. His wound healed nicely, and he is back to being his rambunctious self today.

But for those few days…CJ felt imprisoned. Scared. He was probably even second guessing his choice to join us in our casa.

Lesson 280 reminds me that, like CJ, we were not made to endure such limits. Even when we have our own best interests in mind, we can forget that there are alternatives to the prisons of mind we create for ourselves.

Our thoughts connected with Source are free. Unlimited. Pure. And wide open. When we grant ourselves this freedom. When we refuse to be confined by what the world tells us is important. When we honor our minds for what they were created for (a vehicle for Source to express through in peace). We find we belong in the realm of unlimited possibility.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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