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Prepared to See. ACIM Lesson #269

My sight goest forth to look upon Christ’s face.

My name is Estelle. And I am a chronic over-preparer.

I frequently practice my presentations once. Twice. Perhaps, five-thousand times.

I somehow think if I re-run a presentation or situation in my mind a ca-gillion times, I can control the outcome that happens.

Oh my, not very spiritual of me, is it?

Today I ask, instead, that Source bless my sight. In lieu of seeing the things that I think I need to do, that I step back in trust. And let go of attachment to outcomes.

Because God/Source is never keeping score. Because there is always guidance. Usually just beyond the point where I feel the need to prepare one more time….

In this we can choose to lean into the experience that was gifted us in the first place.

Lesson 269 says there is no experience that is not God/Source, Dear Friends. No place the light cannot reach. In our at-one-ness we are free to see a world that shows us our Divinity in every human. Experience. Or moment we choose to encounter. And in this is the Light of Christ/Source loosed for our transcendence to see. One. Whole. A single vision of the truth in all. Beyond what we are prepared to see, control or be.

Namaste LightWorker.

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