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Poodles are Terrifying-ACIM Lesson #153

In my defenselessness my safety lies.

When I was young I was afraid of everything.

Spiders. Dogs. Random strangers kidnapping me on the street.

It must have been a loooong childhood for my dear parents. And, while I knew my parents would always try to protect me, I still looked suspiciously at the neighbor walking her poodle….

Most of these fears are fortunately gone, but some I’ve carried into adulthood. . Like a world full of angry people. Or the impression that we are all alone.

Lesson 153 reminds me that all of these fears are simply furthering a paradigm of attack and lack. That this misperception does not have to be my present reality. It says we can keep looking for the rando instances of danger that intrude on our peace of mind. Holding out for that one instance of pain in a world of miracles. Or we can choose to remember who has our back. A glorious Universe more strong, powerful, and protective than any perceived doubts or fears.

There is nothing to defend against sweet friends. We are all part of the All-That-Is. And there are a million more instances of amazing, to every seemingly terrible thing we think occurs in our lives. And, here’s a spoiler alert: Like my childhood fears, they mostly live in our heads.

We sacrifice our lives to the God of uncertainty when we focus on any separation between the Universe and ourselves. What is out there to defend against vs what is in here in truth.

There is a Universal strength that is always present when we choose to remember who we are. Children of the highest Source. The Divine Intelligence.

Lesson 153 invites us to forgo the denial of our powerful Universal Source. The Christ/God within. All else is illusion, keeping us from the endless joy that awaits our simple recognition of its truth. In awareness. In this present moment. How holy is your purpose? How secure is your rest when you surrender to the powerful All-That-Is? Pretty big stuff thank you.

Put away all childish defenses. Your safety lies beyond any fears of darkness. A mad world.

Or even random poodles.

Live in love. It is your salvation.

Namaste Sweet Friends. Shine on!

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