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Playing BIG-ACIM Review VI: Lesson #211

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./I am the holy child of God.

Sometimes I play small. I can admit it.

I feel full of self-doubt or reservations about my abilities.

Teach that new class? I’m not sure. What if I don’t know enough.

Try zip-lining? Well, I’ll do that tomorrow after I check XYZ off my list.

What about writing that book? I’m getting to it. I’m really busy with my 9-5 right now.

Hmmmm….The ego thinks of thousands of excuses why we should play small. It loves to remind us we are earthly beings with a side of spiritual.

But the truth lies in our spiritual lives. Our Souls are the main course. What we came to live. And if we come from the infinite, it does not always serve us to focus on the material. Putting our spiritual evolution off until tomorrow, until it’s convenient or until (if you’re like me) you feel perfect enough to express your Soul’s purpose.

Lesson 211 tells us we are children of Spirit. One with the Source that created us. That our intentions of love and compassion are enough. That WE are enough. And that playing small is just playing dress-up with an earth-suit that was never ours to own. Only to borrow for an instant.

Live your Divinity Dear Friends. Own the magnificent self that has always lived within. Choose to play BIG. It has always been your destiny.

Namaste LightWorker.

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