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Peak-a-Chu, Who ARE you? ACIM Review #2: Lesson 85

My grievances hide the light of the world in me./My salvation comes from me.

Kids are awesome mirrors for my bad-a## self. They show me an innocence. A wonder at life I can sometimes feel I’ve lost. They are a reflection of life before I decided that bills & stuff were more important than a flower or jumping in puddles.

One of my favorite games to play with a toddler is peek-a-boo. You know, where you hold your hands over your face and ‘peek’ out. Often the dear little one is confused by my face, hidden in my hands. Only to be delighted when my face reappears.

My grievances are like those well-meaning hands I place over the light of my Divinity. I let them obscure and hide the wonder, the salvation, of all I am by allowing judgement or anger to dominate my existence. But it’s not my true Source at all.

Much like peek-a-boo, my truth is just one small moment away, waiting to be uncovered. And when I put the hands of my disgruntled self down-the external events I identify as who I am simply fall away. And the sight of my Divine self shines all of this darkness away, in one small gesture.

We have no need to hide our truth dear friends. We want to see with the eyes of love. THIS is our power. THIS is our awareness. The Divine light of Source shining through our eyes of love.

Step into your salvation dear friends. Step into the truth of your light that shines through to light the world.

Namaste Dear ones!

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