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Peace, Love and Outrageous Prescription Pricing-ACIM Lesson #185

I want the peace of God.

Well duh ACIM. Of course (see what I did there? Course) we do!

Do we? Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time I worked at a pharmacy (inwardly shuttering). This was not a great experience for me. When people are not well, it is difficult for them.


One day a gentleman came in and went to pay for his medication. It was not covered by insurance. When I told him the cost he, again quite understandably, became upset.

When I tried to explain, he became more agitated. For twenty minutes he continued to be upset. At one point the other customers began begging him to cease and desist.

But this is not the story. It happens all the time. The story is that a few weeks later I saw this same man at my church. Quietly taking communion. Peacefully existing. Hmmmm…..

This story is not to berate the man. Prescription prices…well, don’t get me started. Outrageous. It is to point out that it is really easy to believe we long for peace (and I’m talking to myself here too). Especially when we are in spaces designed to provide this peace. Consequently it is much, much harder to walk the talk in a stressful situation.

Clearly this poor man longed for a connection with the Divine. But when triggered, just like many of us, he cracked.

I get it (insert a variety of Estelle & her spouse examples here ; ) ). Really I do.

But in order to truly gain the peace that is already within, we have to give up our belief these moments of stress are all there are in our lives. To remember they are not what’s important. To agree that they are not real. Whaaaat??!!

Lesson 185 tells us that when even just two of us can agree on a peaceful union of existence we can obtain this infinite peace. We don’t even have to figure out how. All we need to do is genuinely ask for it, and the means we each need to understand will be given.

And if we stray off course? We simply ask again-Is this what I would have in place of Heaven and the peace of the Universe?

Lesson 185 invites us to search our minds for those tiny incidences of opportunity for forgiveness. To choose a miracle over any grievance. And to believe in the power of the will of Source within us mobilized as our greatest awareness of peace in each other.

Namaste LightWorker!

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