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Peace beyond Understanding-ACIM Lesson #109

I rest in God.

Like many of you my mind has been on Russia & the Ukraine.

I worry about our friends across the ocean. I wonder about the pain and suffering they are going through. And my heart longs to help in whatever ways I can that might make a difference.

When I go through the laundry list of things I might do to help-time, money, volunteering-I wonder what is mine to do? And I recognize the one simple thing that isn’t present on my list-My personal peace.

When I look at the world I often abdicate my personal peace. My thoughts are emersed in turmoil. In blame. In the danger and unrest. The seat of my knowing is correspondingly displaced. I allow the peace and stillness that is mine to live to be replaced by something the external world presents as the only truth.

And I forget to rest in Source.

I forget that nothing external will ever give me the satisfaction of the answers I can gain within. By tapping into my stillness. By anchoring in the happiness and peace I can experience within my soul. This sleeping truth extends beyond the appearance of strife I see outpictured in our environment.

Lesson 109 reminds me that while my brothers and sisters may masquerade as pain and misery, the truth of who they are still remains. Beautiful Source resting in the light of the Universe.

And while it is natural, compassionate even, to send love and support to these brothers and sisters, one of the greatest gifts we can give is our internal peace. Releasing itself into the ether of the All-That-Is. Replacing any thoughts of hate with those of resting Divinity, undisturbed. Lesson 109 invites the world to join us in this truth. Trusting in the voice of peace that speaks through us all, anchored in love.

Accept the healing that resting in Source gives today. Accept the respite. Allow the world to be born again through the peace that you uniquely came to bring. And receive this awakening truth as a sanctuary for a world that is so much more than what we can see.

Namaste PeaceWorkers.

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