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Party Every Day...

“Thank you India, Thank you terror, Thank you disillusionment”-Alanis Morisette

Covid-times have brought many things to my awareness. My new friend, Rick, who walks his dog Abby by my home every day and stops to say hi. The kids who laugh and raz eachother while playing basketball when it’s warm. The guy down the street who gets his mail at exactly 3 pm every day. My sweet neighbor across the street who is friendly and kind to absolutely everyone. I even dig the kid practicing his marching band drum outside at 10 am every Friday (I’ve been known to dance along -shhhhh). In many ways this pandemic has brought out the best in people, and their sense of connection.

Aaaand then there are the party neighbors. The party neighbors live several houses away but we can hear them every Thursday like clockwork on their deck. The funny part is this was one of the few groups of people in our neighborhood we had noticed pre-COVID (have I mentioned I’m a bit of an introvert?).

But things change. Pandemics happen. And you know what? Where I used to get annoyed by the loudness when I was trying to zenfully meditate on my back deck…I now appreciate some folks enjoying their lives. Even this remote form of connection is welcomed when we are isolated and uneasy.

Sometimes we fail to consider the beauty of what’s right in front of us dear friends. It often takes a little chaos to appreciate the joys. The pandemic has changed, for many of us, what we consider precious. And what I consider precious is people being alive, living their lives in joy, laughing, loving, and even being outrageous or loud on a Thursday night. And for this (to appropriately borrow from a beer commercial), my fun neighbors, I salute you!

Thank you for letting me eavesdrop into your joy. Thank you for blessing me with the corona-bonus of your happiness. It has made many nights of isolation all the less lonely.

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