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Our Final Lessons. ACIM Precursor to Lessons #361-365.

As we wrap up the year, I want to convey my deepest gratitude to each of you, Dear Readers. It has been an honor and a privilege to grow together through our 365 day ACIM adventure. My greatest intention is that you leave this study feeling connected, seen, and maybe just a little closer to your Divine self. I pray that each of you find, love, happiness, wellness and ease in the upcoming year. May the blessings of your Divine self rain abundantly in your consciousness. May you be curious and inspired in your co-creations. And may your heart overflow with love in every single moment.

The final lessons of ACIM invite you to go beyond mere words and get in touch with your deeper self. The silent observer. The one who feels connection at all times. Your most sacred Divine vibrations. These vibrations are the gracious guidance we seek to live our purpose. To remain holy and complete.

It is our function to remember the Divine on Earth, ACIM says. We are the culmination of this Divine reality. Beyond time. Beyond form. We are children of the Divine. Despite any faults. Despite ambition. Despite heartache. (Despite crazy kitty antics). In us the Divine it is well pleased.

Remember. Believe. Feel free to unleash the truth within that is aching to be expressed as the Divine gift you truly are in this world.

Namaste beautiful LightWorker. Shine on.

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