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Nature Reminds Us

As Summer is transitioning to Fall in the Midwest I am struck by the beauty that surrounds us. The leaves gradually transition from green to gold. The weather at night holds a distinct crispness in the air you can almost taste. And the trees begin to fall like a shower of rainbows colorfully to the ground.

Just at the trees are shedding their Summer skin so do we shed throughout the phases of our lives. WE grow and change with the seasons of our existence. And it is ok to acknowledge that this growth may leave some part of ourselves behind during the transition.

This can be a time of both celebration and solemnness. Celebration for the butterfly we are becoming. Solemnness as we let go of what has served us. It is easy to look at our ‘Fall’ or unenlightened selves with disapproval or uncertainty. But, in fact, the transitioning of our souls throughout the seasons of our lifetime is necessary as we connect to our authenticity and discover our gifts.

Winter is a time of rest. Of contemplation of the old and appreciation for the new. Do not fear the shedding of the old. Revel in the passion of the hibernation, waiting to bring you to your next divine action. The beauty of the Spring buds would not be possible without the Fall shedding and winter preparation.

What is your life preparing you for today? What tapestry of wonder is waiting in the newness you will share with the world? Your true colors are waiting, let go of the old and welcome the new- your next season of greatness.

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