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Namaste-ACIM Review V: Lesson 176

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./Give me your blessing, holy Son/Daughter of God. I am as God created me.

There is a trick to loving one-another. It is a simple trick. It is looking for the element of ourselves that exists in the other.

Sound selfish? Not so much.

If we are as God created us. If we are one. Beautiful. Eternal. Magnificent. If we are all of these things, then we are created from a single Source. Full of all of the good juju we can possibly recall.

And this shimmer of Divinity shines also in our brother. Our sister. Our friends we have yet to meet, just waiting to illuminate the magic parts of ourselves we have yet to discover. Like fairy dust, they remind us these magic parts are part of the whole. Collectively distributed in everyone we meet.

My suggestion? Seek the Divine glow friends. Search it out. That sparkle just behind your compadres eyes that remembers. That acknowledges the Divinity in YOU, just as you acknowledge it in another. Lesson 176 says this was the blessing you were created for. Given and received. Loved and giving love, just as you are you.

Today truly we say Namaste to everyone we meet. Bowing inwardly in respect to the blessing that the Divinity within them is to the Divinity within ourselves.

Shine on Lightworkers!

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