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My Thankful Magic 3

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work. Being the coffee-obsessed, caffeine-deprived human I am, I was frantically looking for the lid to my coffee mug in the dish drainer.

I was cursing my lack of organization. Then cursing my partner for not putting the lid front and center.. when I realized something profound. I have a partner that cleans my coffee mug for me.

Every. Single. Day.

This got me thinking a bit about gratitude (‘tis the season after all).

I used to keep a gratitude journal. But this became just one more item I would check off on my to-do list every day. Another task, rather than a feeling I would truly connect with.

The difference is nuanced but, I believe, important. Treating gratitude like a task allows me to say I’m thankful. Congratulate myself. Then move on to the thing I think I want to do/see/be next.

When I allow myself to actually feel gratitude it is like savoring that first smell of freshly burning leaves in the Fall. Or watching a kid belly laugh without reservation (you know, the full-on kind that shakes their entire being).

So this Thanksgiving I am taking time to pick 3 three things I am REALLY grateful for. And feel all the feels that go along with savoring their amazing awesomeness. If you’re feeling frisky, maybe you can find three too.

Here’s mine:

  1. Aforementioned coffee mug cleaner extraordinaire. Leaving no coffee cup unclean. This dishwasher warrior ensures his zombie-like wife is always able fill her cup and go at a moments notice. And for this, sweetheart, we thank you.

  2. Sunshine. Waaarm sunshine. Seems simple right? But have you ever just sat in a warm sun patch, like a cat? There’s something deep that gets healed when you choose to close your eyes and experience it. It is also a great reminder that the sun still rises, even on the darkest dawns, to flood the world with light & (hopefully) new opportunity.

  3. This one’s a little out there but here it goes…This Thanksgiving I am thankful for those with whom I don’t agree. Yup, I said it, DON’T agree (I can’t believe I just said that). Left to my own devices I can become pretty conceited. Like I know all the answers. But duality gives me the gift of seeing past my own limited perspective into something greater than myself. This beautiful life where I live in choice. And, this Thanksgiving, I am choosing compassion for everyone I see-ALL perspectives-including my own faceplants.

I would love to hear what your Thankful magic 3 are today. Drop a comment if you have the time to let me know. I am definitely thankful for awesome you today! You are such a gift to this world. Love and light beautiful souls.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble. Gobble

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