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My second job...Herding Cats. ACIM Lesson #342

I let forgiveness rest upon all things, For thus forgiveness will be given me.

Sometimes I herd cats. Literally.

In my life I have gone from a people pleaser. To a cat pleaser.

It started when we adopted a stray….and my 14 year old cat, Punch, was NOT pleased.

So I fret & I hover. I even feed Punch in the bathroom so he doesn’t have to see the other cat. But it is futile. Eventually the two must meet.

And do.

And it can get a little tense.

But here is the deal. We do leave the house once and awhile ; ) And they do fine together.

So what’s the difference? Only my thoughts, my perceptions, and the energy I give to the situation. In essence, the hell I have made, rather than the circumstances, in truth, as-is.

Lesson 342 emphasizes that Heaven-aka peace, tranquility, and happiness-lie just beyond the door of our perception. That we can always choose to forgive our thoughts of chaos and remember that this world was created for love and not for any Hell we might make it in our minds.

So today there is an opportunity for faith. For forgiveness-of whatever is going on in the world-and of what is going on in ourselves. Be at peace in yourselves, my dear friends. Anchor in the central thought that we are not these bodies we are free-just as God created us.

And as for the cats? Well, they have already forgiven one-another. They are resting peacefully in this forgiveness. What we give we receive….

Namaste LightWorkers

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