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My personal Dr. Hyde-Lesson #95

I am One self, united with my Creator.

We’ve all heard the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde right? The one where Dr. Jekyll develops a potion to separate the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parts of his personality. Dr. Jekyll represents team good, Dr. Hyde the bad.

Dr. Hyde commits atrocities. Dr. Hyde does mean things to children. The Dr. Hyde side of the personality is who (spoiler alert) Dr. Jekyll eventually signs up to be.

Because he’s powerful. Because he’s intimidating. Because he’s seen.

Lesson 95 reminds me that I sometimes sign up for a big ‘ole potion of Dr. Hyde.

Voluntarily. I believe the hype of the world-that I can only get ahead if I bulldoze my way into conversations, beliefs or other’s opinions.

But this is just praying to a God of separation. Of buying into warring parts of myself and my fellow humans. Of believing in ‘us’ vs. ‘them’. It is in my judgement that these mistakes gain power. And when I sit in it-I allow my Dr. Hyde ideas to gain more and more traction. For longer and longer periods of time.

Lesson 95 invites us to simply course correct. And choose again in this moments. We are not bad or lost, just learning. So when Dr. Hyde comes to call today. Tempting me to separate from my complete self. I will believe in patience and hope instead. I will dump that potion of division and lack right into the toilet of my mind and agree to choose again. I will ask to learn the truth of who I am in oneness. And I will accept that though Dr. Hyde may call again and again, I can always choose to let go of his agenda. Even when I fall into old thinking.

And if Dr. Hyde comes to call-You can tell him these iconic words from Lesson 95:

I am One Self.

Healed. Whole. Harmonious & shining bright for all the world to see. And each time you receive this truth, someone hears the voice of hope. The gentle rustling of the wings of peace. And a call to be One world in united love and happiness.

Namaste friends.

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