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Mistakes are Misperceptions. ACIM Lesson #359

God’s answer is some form of peace. All pain Is healed; all misery replaced with joy. All prison doors are opened. And all sin Is understood as merely a mistake.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have said unkind words. Engaged in deeds I’m not proud of. Been aloof or stand-offish.

When I was in high school a new kid moved into town. He was from urban California. And the small-town we lived in had to be somewhat constrictive for him. He had colorful shoes and unique clothes. I thought he seemed reserved. But nice.

One day, as my sister was substitute teaching in a class he was taking, he made a remark that I was stuck-up. My sister, being the champion warrior-princess she is, told him, in not so many words…untrue. When my sister told me the story I, uncharacteristically calm, wondered what had given him the impression I thought so little of him.

Upon introspection, I discovered I had never looked him in the eye.


I mistakenly believed that looking someone in the eye was rude. Or suggestive. But I had never considered how this looked on the other end. Like I was ignoring someone. Like they didn’t mean enough for me to acknowledge them.

The next time I saw that boy he bravely put himself out there. He rose above his preconceptions and said…. Hi. Being an eloquent warrior-princess myself, I looked him straight in the eye and muttered Hi, right back.

Seems simple, but I like to believe it made a big difference. I hope to both of us.

My reflection for today Dear friends is: Are there any misunderstandings you are holding onto? Is there any pain that needs to be healed or re-examined in your life? What would happen if you chose to release?

Lesson 359 says when we are brave enough to let go of the notion that what we believe is true might not be, we can create a new world full of love and acceptance. Forgive the world. Forgive yourself. And accept the peace that is waiting beyond the edge of your perceptions. Look it straight in the eye and welcome it. Discover the freedom of a life unencumbered by mistakes. And welcome the unlimited Joy that waits in peace.

Namaste Dear LightWorkers!

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