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Mission So Possible: ACIM Lesson #236

I rule my mind which I alone must rule.

Hmmm 236…..really??!?

My immediate reaction to Lesson 236 is…uhhh….I’m not so sure.

My mind loves to run away from me. The monkeys in my brain even throw poo words at times. It’s disgusting.

So really ACIM Lesson 236 I rule my mind? Who’s ruling who here?

ACIM concedes that it doesn’t SEEM like we are ruling this poo-house at all.


Our minds seem to tell us what to do and feel. But, in truth, the mind is just an instrument for our deployment. A missionary willing to serve whatever purpose we decide. And, when it starts to throw around ugly words or self-condemnation, we can give ourselves a bit of perspective. Ask ourselves if these thoughts are really true or simply a shadow of a perception.

This sets us free to engage with out sacred tasks. To open to the mind of the Divine within.

And to live in service to the greater purpose which is ours to live.

Namaste LightWorker!

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