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Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Remember the Fairy tale Snow White? For those not of a childhood a la Disney-Snow white tells a tale of a princess and an evil queen on an eternal quest for youth and power.

The queen asks her magic mirror day after day “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all…”.

Most days she’s the bees knees. But one night the mirror shows a princess, Snow White, instead.

Not looking good for princess SW.

In short, the queen goes and looses her you-know-what.

Our cells, like the queen, are similarly captivated by the world our perceptions are showing them. They reflect our actions and reactions in their health and wholeness.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the research on something called, ironically, mirror neurons. Mirror neurons mimic behavior by recreating what they observe. And this extends to the theoretical. In one experiment movement cells fired in a person simply watching someone else doing something, even when a person was not participating in the action themselves.

Essentially our cells react to what they ‘see’ us or our neighbors doing or feeling. Just like the queen reacted to someone 'fairer' than herself.

The good news is that if we look for happiness or positivity in our personal mirrors, we can find this repeated within ourselves.

Watching positive media, reading an uplifting book, or even just laughing with a good friend can inspire all of these behaviors in ourselves. It doesn’t mean we are happy all of the time. But it does mean we have the ability to neurochemically motivate our cells to participate in these high vibes when we are feeling low.

What will you look for in the mirror today? Crows feet? Cantankerous folks arguing semantics?

Like Snow White, you possess a heart, pure as snow, and a spirit that can transcend the greatest challenges to connect to a higher vibe.

Don’t hunt the goodness down and cut out its heart (notice what I did there ; ) ). Be a benevolent queen to your soul. Find the good. Use your powers for good. Seek out the highest, happiest thoughts to mirror. And never forget-You are limitless.

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