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Minding our Mindgames-ACIM Lesson #136

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

Lesson 136 can be another of those Whaaaaaat?!? ACIM lessons.

I created sickness as a defense? What the heck are you talking about ACIM?

Many spiritual teachers speak about the idea of dis-ease. The concept that what we first create in our minds is reflected in our experiences.

That said, we are all in choice. We live in a self and co-creating Universe of possibilities. Which means we can change. In every given moment. Should we so choose.

Lesson 136 simply reminds us that when we create our own experience, we can make war with our thoughts or peace. Shaming ourselves. Blaming ourselves for any negativity or lack that comes up. Or we can proactively choose again. What is truly there beyond these illusions. What has always been there. Waiting for us to connect with our truth.

And what is this truth? That we are perfect. Loving. Happy. Endowed with gifts from the Universe beyond measure. Whole. Any thoughts other than these are just rando musings of separation. An attack on the truth of our being that never needed defense.

We are not a body (or its parts) we are free. We are as Source created us. And our bodies are a wonderful vehicle for this very purpose.

Blessings to you & yours LightWorker.

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