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Making Lemonade. ACIM Lesson #255

This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

Sometimes my ego believes I don’t have choice. That free will is a misnomer. That all of my choices are predetermined on the external. And that life is throwing me angry lemons instead of lemonade.

It’s sour. It makes my disposition pucker. And in those moments, I don’t feel very peaceful.

But Lesson 255 tells me this thinking is choking on seeds of unhappiness that were never mine to drink in. Where to find elusive peace in moments of uncertainty?

Go within.

Beyond any dark imaginings or angry words to a place that is still. A peaceful center that waits for us in calm. It is a place of observing. Of unlimited perspective and peace.

How to get there?

Give up striving. Let go of control. Sound difficult? Give it a go today. Any time you feel the tapping of the ego on your mind, just release. Take a breath. Watch it like the most interesting game you’ve ever witnessed. And observe how your perspective changes. Living from that place of calm. In witness. In choice. In peace.

Namaste Lightworker!

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